The gift of DComm

The gift of DComm

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December 23, 2022

Perhaps gift is not the right word, but it goes well with the theme of the season. The correct word is one that embodies the following emotions, feelings, thoughts and intent:

The world is at odds with itself, a seemingly ongoing top down dictatorship, guised under the thin veil of freedom or democracy. Sure, we enjoy the benefits of it, to varying degrees, from country to country. However, what is a democracy, when your vote or voice (much better word there — voice) is the final token in an extremely long line of decisions you never had a voice in at all. The world has nearly convinced itself that when we all, as its citizens, are finally given democratic choice, we get to pick “red” or “blue”.

It is clear the spectrum of political colour choice is decidedly not just red or blue at all, well, then, what is going here?

Now, this new idea is spreading, it is called Blockchain, but behind it is a light of absolute choice, a new governance model, where decisions are cast in the stone of code, and bad actors have little or no place. Recent news in our blockchain world has the “top downers” literally clamouring all over themselves to paint the news as dark. It is not dark at all.

This. Is. The. System. Working!

Here’s what you can do as a DComm Ambassador:

Decades of abuse, corruption, disregard, nepotism, conceit and cover ups have been our past.

Transparency, catching the bad actors in their tracks, forcing change, demanding it and now expecting it, that is our future.

Blockchain is that change, the single most transparent, open, trustworthy set of data, forged as transactions, ever, in the history of all that we know.

So thanks SBF and Alameda, cheers Celsius, nice work Luna, off you go. In just 2022 alone blockchain ousted these pretenders faster than the world that preceded it could blink.

Here’s the deal, in blockchain, once you have the keys, once that agreement is cast as a transaction it is yours, and yours alone. No one can remove that.

In 2023 we need to be asking for more:

More Proof of Assets please
I’ll take a side order of Proof of Liability too thanks Mr Exchange
Make that Proof of Trust while you are at it, go ahead put this all on the blockchain.

Now let those who wish to govern, be part of that blockchain and do so.

This is where DComm is going, and in early 2023 you’ll start to see the world beyond the technology, where we are all committed to fully putting our actions first and being judged on them.

Starting with this — your DComm, your commitment to it, your rewards

We handed you the keys on the 17th September 2022, maybe you hadn’t noticed. So let me make sure it is clear.

  • DComm handed the trust of the system to its community the second it decentralised the TestNet. If you are running one of the 70 odd validators, well, then you are the strong arm of Trust that DComm relies on.
  • Just over 3million $DCM has been moved from its TestNet genesis wallets to active wallets, and just over 3million $DCM is staked — Trust meter just went off the chart.
  • The DComm Team, maybe unbeknownst to you, collectively agreed we would stay the much harder course of inviting community investors, and keep the VC’s at bay. We said no whales, and there are no whales.
  • With you, we collectively have taken enormous strides and have our Trust Captains (that’s you btw) all over the world, expanding our community.

This is what you probably didn’t know yet — these are your rewards, your incentivised TestNet, your Validators, Delegators.

Ambassadors — from the 23rd September the clock started on all your Validators, so from the 23rd September until Listing, our system will calculate your rewards against the 12 month max rewards % — across the board, across all Ambassadors — fair and equal.

Validators — from the 5th October the clock began to tick, it matters not if you had started yours yet or not, you got onboard and that is what the criteria was. So from the 5th October until Listing every single Validator will have its rewards calculated against the 12 month max rewards % — every single one. Fair, Transparent and Trustworthy.

Delegators — we officially opened this up late November, but from the 15th November you too will earn the max % across a 12 month reward cycle, less the min % of 2% for a Validator fee, regardless of what the fee is.

Referrals — If someone joined because you referred them, all your Capital will be added retrospectively to the start date of Ambassadors, Validators or Delegators, as above.

No one will be left behind, be impaired or not see the full benefit of their trust in DComm. When moving the rewards from TestNet to “MainNet at Listing”, we do so via code and that code has parameters and the only criteria we wanted was that you were part of this community as an Ambassador, Validator and Delegator. This will remain true until we list, so no matter who comes along, we all are equal, from these dates. We all are equal because that is the world of the DComm Blockchain and we will lead the way on the standards set of Action, Trust, Community, Decentralisation, and Transparency. Happy Holidays DComm, it has been an absolute honour to represent you.

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO