A community of energized people who have built a new future for everyone with The DComm Blockchain

We are dcomm

Path 12811

We created a platform and developed products accessible and understandable to every human inspired by the DComm brand. We are a group of people, spread around the world. Our passion for blockchain technology and decentralized systems brought us together.

Moreover our gut feeling to work together made this platform possible. Here we combine our strength and made the Decentralized Communities easy to understand. We showcase new projects and challenge everyone to create new, unique projects. Together. United.

Our approach

We inspire & connect people driven by positive energy powered by The DComm Blockchain

Pillar transparancy


Path 1281
Pillar unity


Path 1281
Pillar energy


Path 1281
Pillar transparancy


It’s the basis of our existence
and the only reason we can grow.
It’s the fuel for our community
and our DComm brand.

Honesty in everything we do.
Without it, nothing excels.
It’s the air we breathe in our community
and this air should be clear. Always.

Clarity in numbers; what we invest,
how we invest, what we earn, what we gain,
but also the risks and losses we take.
We win and we learn,
both make us stronger as a team.

Transparency demands simplicity.
We inform and educate our people
in a plain and simple way.
Understandable and accessible to everyone.

Transparency leads to loyalty,
the foundation of our community.

Pillar unity


We feel connected and strive for
the same dream; to build a better world
using new technology with the right intention.

This new energy is coming from all sides.
Fresh ideas and expertises are building our
community and make it stronger every day.

We grow by exceeding expectations.
Not just in numbers and results,
but in honesty and transparency in
everything we do. Expanding our fanbase
built by true ambassadors.

We feel part of the same team and share
our energy to benefit communities in need,
to really make a change in the lives of people.

Together we build the world we want,
side(chain) by side(chain).

Pillar energy


Our community is the fuel
that drives the future we envision.
The passion and technology that
binds us together go beyond borders.

Here you will find new energy,
connecting us together like a web.
A renewable energy which requires commitment,
giving us positive impact in return.

Guarded by the promise that our
actions are based on good intentions.
Reaching the full potential of blockchain,
while minimizing costs for our planet.

Here, all energy stays within.
Ideas transform into possibilities,
and possibilities into realities.
Laying the foundation for a new future.

Building an inspiring new world,
block by block.

Our community

Together, we build a new future founded on loyalty, energized by integrity

Why DComm?

Why DComm?
We’ll give you 5 reasons

Group 1840

Action first. Words later

When we speak about the future it’s one we’ve already made.

Group 1841

We only have one goal

Every single decision has one goal, Tokenization.

Group 1847

Data is tokenization

Real data, tamper proof, raw and independently verifiable.

Group 1844

Community lives in us

Bring people together to grow the sustainable world around us.

Group 1843


We don’t just want to be here, we live for it.