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DComm - Partners - Zeeve kleur

Zeeve is an enterprise-grade automation platform deploying, monitoring and managing blockchain nodes and networks of blockchain nodes and networks. Zeeve can deploy DComm nodes and decentralised apps using our intuitive and no-code platform. Zeeve allows DComm nodes and networks to be deployed in a matter of minutes, and then managed with the help of advanced analytics, monitoring and real-time alerts.

DComm - Projects - Ouro - Authenticated solar energy data directly from the source 7
DComm - Partners - Ouro kleur

Ouro enhances accountability in renewable energy by leveraging blockchain for verification. Addressing the global scarcity of reliable data, the platform provides transparency and trust to governments, utilities, investors, and energy networks. Utilizing chip technology and blockchain, Ouro independently verifies renewable energy assets, ensuring clarity in a once-opaque market.

DComm - Projects - Savala - The future of commodities is in DComm's hands 2
DComm - Partners - Savala kleur

Welcome to a world of investments like no other. Savala is our sophisticated new blockchain marketplace for trading graphite – a tangible commodity. Creating a unique opportunity for today’s forward-thinkers. One where trust defines trade. By investing in renewable resources with Savala, both you and our planet will benefit.

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DComm - Partners - Unicus kleur

World’s first multichain WaaS (Web3 as a Service) platform for metaverse, gaming, and NFT economy. Unicus is a comprehensive Web3 suite that is both a marketplace and exchange for NFTs, as well as, as well as offering several NFT-related functions.

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DComm - Partners - Ledgerscore kleur

LedgerScore’s range of financial products makes it simple to start establishing a personal or business credit profile. Unlike traditional credit reporting bureaus like Equifax, LedgerScore aggregates its data from cryptocurrency transactions. Every time you send or receive cryptocurrency, it is digitally encoded on the blockchain.

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DComm - Partners - Blocktickets kleur

Blocktickets provides a transparent and decentralised system for the creation and sale of smart tickets using blockchain technology. Blocktickets supports managing the entire life of tickets by integrating stakeholders from artists to event organisers.

DComm - Partners - Embassy of Brands
DComm - Partners - Embassy kleur

A team of passionate designers with a singular purpose: to build credible brands and train young people in our unique approach. We believe the new world should be built on believable brands that thrive on transparency and honesty—the only way to built true ambassadors for your brands. Welcome to the Embassy of Brands®; Builders of Brands, Trainers of Talent.