The dream team, expanding

The dream team, expanding

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October 7, 2022

Today marks another incredible milestone; expansion. Under the sheer weight of the unstoppable force that is DComm, emerged two diamonds, Imran and Durgesh.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a DComm Ambassador?

By means of a short introduction:

Imran has extensive experience in this world, having been employee eleven at Swyftx, and is an incredibly wonderful, knowledgeable person, who came out the gate faster than I have ever seen anyone. Skills, know-how, drive and ambition are just a few of his attributes, and these past few days has demonstrated what an incredible asset he will be.

It is my pleasure to welcome him in as our CMO — Chief Marketing Officer for DComm Blockchain. 

Durgesh, many of you already know, but is best described as our secret weapon. He has half a decade of specific “growth-hacking” experience and has been instrumental in all of our social channels thus far. What most don’t know is Durgesh has created a host of growth strategies for DComm, and now has the extra resources to drive that strategy, with Imran at the helm.

Sincerely, my heartfelt congratulation to Durgesh in joining us in his role as Strategic Growth Specialist for DComm Blockchain. 

What is a team though?

Or more specifically, why do people join a team?

One reason certainly is money, and we have all joined “teams” guided by this lure. Not that this is wrong, or anything remotely negative, but if the reason to join was numerical, or paper, then the reason to leave might also weigh the same.

The second reason is passion, desire, a calling, an absolute unimpeded single minded want to be part of something. In these cases, that craving stems from a deep sense of knowing. Knowing you belong, knowing you are meant to be, knowing that the loud whispers in your mind are urging you to become part of something unimaginably larger than yourself.

In these cases, the team does not dissolve, and pressure or obstacles are its sustenance, this team feeds off the unknown, that strangely is the exact reason the team formed; Unknown yearning for something more.

DComm is something more, it is the unknown, with a taste of incredible familiarity. None of us own it, we all play a part in it, we all are instrumental to the outcome.

Moreover, we all desire the same, that we can be part of a movement that fully knows our evolution is a journey, not a destination.

With that being said, I welcome Imran and Durgesh to this Team, as it evolves another step today.

Gareth Beesley, DComm Blockchain CEO