DComm’s Collie Solar Farm sets new standards for transparency in renewable energy sector

DComm’s Collie Solar Farm sets new standards for transparency in renewable energy sector

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May 24, 2023

[Perth, Western Australia] — The DComm faithful community is buzzing with excitement as the specialist blockchain project, DComm, unveils its latest triumph. With unwavering commitment to action over empty promises, DComm, together with the passionate involvement of its community, proudly announces the settlement of a remarkable 57-hectare site in Collie, Western Australia. This site, with its planning approval for a 20MW Solar Farm, signifies a monumental leap forward for DComm and the entire blockchain industry.

DComm’s Latest Achievement Ignites Excitement and Community Collaboration

This momentous milestone perfectly aligns with DComm’s strategic goals, embodying the essence of the company’s vision:

  • Tangible Asset Support: The Collie Solar Farm ensures asset backing for DComm’s dynamic blockchain business, creating a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.
  • Proof of Concept for Asset Tokenization: By tokenizing the Collie Solar Farm project, DComm demonstrates the transformative power of blockchain technology in revolutionising asset ownership and management.
  • Profits Supporting Blockchain Innovation: Traditional business profits generated from the Collie Solar Farm will directly support the ongoing development of DComm’s blockchain technology, driving forward the company’s ambitious agenda.
  • Empowering Local Community: The Collie Solar Farm’s renewable-powered industrial subdivision empowers the community by fostering sustainable growth, job creation, and economic prosperity.

Since announcing the initial contract in January, DComm has made remarkable progress, underscoring its unwavering dedication to turning visions into realities:

  • Collaborative Endeavours: DComm has engaged in fruitful discussions with Development WA, exploring potential co-development opportunities that will maximise the site’s potential.
  • Building Key Partnerships: Meetings with local government officials have paved the way for rezoning support, establishing the foundation for an energy and industrial hub in Collie.
  • Expert Guidance: The appointment of a dedicated town planner and development manager has accelerated the project’s progress, ensuring efficient execution and optimal results.
  • Cutting-Edge Innovation: Collaborations with leading battery technology providers have opened doors to integrating technologies into the project, further enhancing the Collie Solar Farm’s efficiency and sustainability.

What’s in It for You?

Joining the DComm Ambassador Program isn’t just about being part of a movement; it’s about growing with it. Here’s what you gain:

  • Recognition: Stand out and be recognized on our platforms and within our community for your contributions.
  • Become Insider: Have a direct line to the DComm team for insights, feedback, and the latest updates.
  • Exclusive DComm Merch: Flaunt your unique DComm merchandise.
  • Professional Growth: Propel your career forward with invaluable experience in the blockchain industry.


  • Pursuit of Grants: DComm has initiated the application process for various grants to support critical work on the site, unlocking additional opportunities for growth and development.
  • Revolutionary Monitoring System: DComm is on the verge of securing a partnership with a cutting-edge group specialising in verifiable solar panel output monitoring. Collie will serve as a testbed for this ground-breaking technology, revolutionising data collection and transparency within the renewable energy sector.
As always, DComm’s achievements are driven by the community, for the community. Several dedicated members of the DComm community have seized the opportunity to invest directly in the company, becoming shareholders and receiving $DCM. This collaborative approach exemplifies the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment that defines DComm.

Stake Opportunities:

To further enhance community involvement, DComm is thrilled to offer a final 5% stake in DComm Energy and Industrial Hub Pty Ltd for acquisition. This exclusive opportunity, available for $150,000 AUD, provides not only a significant ownership stake but also a seed round investment in $DCM. Don’t miss this final chance to become a part of DComm’s revolutionary journey.

The horizon is ablaze with promise as DComm delivers on its unwavering commitment to action. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements in the following weeks as DComm continues to redefine the possibilities of blockchain technology.

About DComm: 

DComm is a visionary blockchain project focused on driving innovation and tangible impact through the tokenization of renewable real-world assets. With a passionate community and a team of industry experts, DComm is paving the way for a future where asset ownership is democratised, transparent, and efficient.

Gareth Beesley, DComm CEO