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DComm: Real-world assets, tokenized, structured, and supported

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September 14, 2022

There are over 1000 blockchains and more than 20000 cryptocurrencies, with thousands of use cases! Yet, still, a large part of the population is not able to leverage blockchain as a technology.

DComm is a beacon to provide an opportunity to tackle real-world problems and build a people-first sustainable solution.

Your company,
Your community,
… and
Your control. Period.

DComm’s mission is to be the blockchain upon which real-world assets can be ‘tokenized’. Supplemented with the platform, and core components, to support this initiative utilizing applications, services, APIs, partnerships and an open source library of knowledge.

The DComm Group is comprised of two main business units:

  • DComm Blockchain — Digital assets and cutting-edge technology management
  • DComm Infrastructure — Tangible Infrastructure to support the Blockchain


  • DComm is a blockchain that is fast, easy to adopt and is the latest in EVM technology.
  • DComm’s blockchain is specifically designed in a world where speed and efficiency matter. This combination makes it the ideal platform for any partner to build on
  • DComm is optimising its nextgen smart contract blockchain, around real-world assets and for DeFi lending.
  • DComm already has significant partners with development already occurring on the DComm blockchain

  • Unicus.one
  • Ledgerscore.com
  • Zeeve.io


  • When other blockchains talk about building an ecosystem they are only talking about a digital one. DComm has created an ecosystem that is supported by physical assets and businesses that support and expand the use of the DCM Coin.
  • DComm has acquired an existing Renewable Energy Business. This new business will be called DComm Energy and already has three sites under contract with development applications underway.
  • DComm has entered into a Terms Sheet to acquire a Modular Data Centre business with operating data centers in several locations under a build, own and operate model.

Exclusive Invite to join us:

Come and join us on Saturday, 17th September Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast, Australia from 10:20 AM onwards.

What’s Next?

  • DComm utilities and use cases
  • All you need to know about our TestNet and how to build on DComm
  • How to join DComm as a validator
  • Know about our partners and much more…

Have any questions or feedback? Just ping us on ambassador@dcomm.network

Team DComm