DComm: Light, joy, happiness, success, and everything in-between

DComm: Light, joy, happiness, success, and everything in-between

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September 23, 2022

Every so often, I have been sending out communications and information to an ever-growing group, called the DComm Community. Reading back, editing, and shaping todays, quite long, publication brought a tear to my eye.

The dawn of DComm has emerged, an entirely re-imagined blockchain purpose, fully built from the ground up on the latest EVM Technology. Advanced gearing of technology, inherently efficient, fast, and scalable. Our eyes always on the future, the future in which we all play out part.

A Real-World Asset Blockchain Platform — Providing a full core component services layer.

What struck me most though is that there can only be a future when its existence is purely created for people. The immense joy I feel at the future we have been able to create for all of you, and all of those yet to come, is beyond words. It is an emotion, a state of mind, a way of being and a culmination of all that is right and pure.

This is the DComm Origin Story

Prologue — Back to the future.

9th September 2022

Any decent story has its origins, and in most cases a catalytic event to ignite them. I’d imagine, quite rarely, that these ignition events coincided between the lives of so many vastly different people. As if a divine intervention, in between what was undoubtably a dark cloud, was gently placing us all exactly where we needed to be.

Long has the thought, in fact more of an ethos of being, lived within me that true success wasn’t ever something “I” would own, or have. Throughout my life I’ve sought to create, inspire, galvanise, and invent outcomes that, in my mind, would be an incredible result for the people around me. In that result is where I felt my life’s purpose existed, and that result would be my success.

Side note, success is happiness, and happiness to me is seeing all the people around me prosper and inspire others to do the same.

A singular truth in all our lives, and you may feel or see, or even relate entirely, is that when you are not trying to create an outcome, but are true to the journey, the most magnificent results occur.


Landing in Melbourne, having barely even named our new baby (DComm), little did I know that this intersection event had already begun.

Perhaps, it dawned on me right there and then as I hit the tarmac, grabbed my bags, and made my way along the kerb to meet Brett Endersby.

Prior to this moment there was immense pressure Dave and I felt, whilst still being directors of our respective companies, in an all-out effort to help a community. The resultant, gut-wrenching cataclysmic disaster that followed the events of the 27th of May. The sheer volume of lives that had been severely negatively impacted, perhaps irreparably so.

Yet, there I stood, face to face, with a man I had known for exactly no time at all, and both of us knew that — It had begun!

Converging on that moment, Mark Imrie, Brett Endersby, Dr Ravi Chamria, Ghan Vashishtha, David Haslop, and I.

The unstoppable force behind us of what will now be known as “The Kings of Blockchain Development” — Zeeve, led out by the brilliant minds of Mayank, Radhe, Nitesh, and their team.

Brett and Mark’s simply incredible, yet to be fully announced to the world, production of work. Work comprising of years and years of effort, sacrifice, expertise, and the production of an output which will form the very essence of why DComm is DComm.

David’s sheer powerhouse network built on the back of blood, sweat and tears, passion, and an inherent grasp of this digital world us mere mortals can only dream of.

Dr Ravi and Ghan, with a combined blockchain tech IQ of well over 400, our very own incredibly smart tech executive team, with more success behind them in this industry than all of us combined.

So, as we pulled the unnecessarily glassy desks together and created our first boardroom, at our will, in the East Tower of the Stamford Plaza, the ignition event started. Our catalyst was truth, passion, and the inability for anyone of us to break under that pressure. In fact, the exact opposite occurred, we exploded into action.

DComm was well and truly born that day, and by the 17th September, when we unveil our Public TestNet to the world, the incredible start of our journey will be solidified.

Chapter 1 — Momentum and inertia, powerful forces.

Friday 22nd July, 2022

Friday: for whatever reason, the day we have all socially agreed is the one to celebrate most. For some the end of a tough few days and time to relax, for others a culmination of activity ended off with light refreshment.

In the case of DComm, it is a reflection point of achievement, a milestone marker, and maker for that matter. Given the enormity of the task, the breadth of the project teams and level of expertise being demonstrated, it is fair to say our weeks are quite unlike any other.

DComm, the very essence of it, the sheer belief behind it and the cumulative desire for its success is now beyond just these concepts and stepped into the realms of reality, tangibility, creativity. It is the subtle nuance that will separate what we are from what others attempt to be.

Underlining this reality though, allow me to provide you access to the world we live it and the week that has been, albeit at a “Headline View”

  • DComm’s TestNet is in its final stages of preparation, where the team of highly motivated experts have taken a six-month long cycle and successfully accomplished the workload in around nine weeks — in a word: Monumental.
  • DComm Infrastructure is at advanced stages of acquisition of both an Energy and Technology Business to own the very power and computing power that forms the basis of what we are about.
  • Our partnership network grew this week as leading players in a core vision of the business met with us and we’ve begun formulating a joint venture.
  • Conducted an introduction meet with high-net-worth entities out of the US, who showed more than just a keen interest in what we had to say.
  • Have submitted a proposal to a UK based entity to implement their solution on DComm, which includes a database of near 1,000,000 crypto enthusiasts.
  • Designed and agreed terms with an educational platform whose sole goal is to provide “affordable education” through blockchain technology interactions.
  • Completed designs across the board to implement our network, leveraging a brand-new image that we are extremely excited about.
  • Then lastly, we have earmarked no less than eleven primary use cases that will move with us as we enter our marketing phases and realise the end goal — Launching DComm to the world with embedded utility, projects, partnerships, transactions, decentralization, and multiple use cases.

So, yes, Friday isn’t a bad day to choose to celebrate this.

As we’ve suddenly all realised this week — we are in motion now, it is real, there is genuine magnetic pull to that which we have to say, and especially good feedback from those who would easily pull us apart if we had flaws.

When a small group of exceptionally motivated people get together with one goal, greatness is surely not far away.

Chapter 2 — An idea is born.

29th July 2022

So, you think you can Validate?
The DComm Team has identified an area of value for the future of the network, which could very well be a “first” — decentralization on TestNet, then MainNet and Launch.

Circumstances have prevailed where we believe we could put together an offer to an educated, established community of node experts and enthusiasts. If you are reading this then congratulations, this is you.

What is DComm?
Besides for knowing us as the Decentralised Communities of DComm — what exactly are we trying to do?

  • DComm is building the robust, integral framework behind establishing the first blockchain to support “Tokenisation of Real-World Assets, Support Systems and Services”.
  • Our vision starts internally, leveraging the extensive experience across the team to provide access to the ownership of renewable energy, data centres, crypto mining, staking, fund management and trading.
Instead of simply issuing a coin we are issuing in an era of value, underlying value in fact, where sentiment matters less than solidity.

We didn’t just imagine a world where crypto coins held real asset backed value, we invented it.

Sounds good? Want to join us on this journey? Have access to established Node setup and know-how? We have a place for you.

The offer

DComm will purchase your coins and in exchange provide you the first Validator Nodes on DComm, fully operable from Day 1.

The Process:
Initially we will run an audit of authenticating the coins you have to offer and establish the validity of those coins. But how, I hear you ask? Simple really, you’ll contact our Validator Team, and we will run you through the process.

Exchange Value:
Depending on the coins you have at your disposal we will draft up a unique vesting and offer schedule specific to you only. It will contain the exact nature of how we will enable your position on DComm. Some offers may vary in value, but all will follow the same process.

Phase 1, Step 1, Staking in your Validator occurs on our TestNet. You pass this test by means of meeting the acceptance criteria, as outlined in the monitoring system requirements. Once Qualified, your Validator is ready, it meets the specifications to be a Validator and all you need to do is sit back and watch it grow.

Fear not though, this announcement is but a prelude to the matinée, of the practice, of the main show.

DComm will be creating a group specifically for this, with a dedicated web page, outlining exactly how we will help you accomplish this. Time is on our side, no one has an advantage other than being enabled with knowledge by being first.

This is about DComm’s first genuine community focused initiative, and we trust that by choosing to Validate on our network that you’ll soon see the benefits of participating with a Blockchain company that puts people first.

Let August 2022, be the month in your memories where the world changed forever…

Chapter 3 — No, really, it is that fast!

5th August 2022

There really is no better way of saying something than by just saying it sometimes.

DComm Blockchain is FAST.

Seriously though, light speed might need a rethink on being the benchmark for space-time measurement. How fast is it, well Alpha Centauri is 4.367 light years away from Earth, but it is only 3.998 Dcomm Years away! If you send a transaction on Dcomm, it is so fast, it arrives yesterday.

Realistically though, to assist in your imagination and to help formulate a picture this is the abbreviated conversation between Dave and I on Wednesday.

Gareth: “Dave, go to this link and setup a wallet”
Dave: “Sure, let me go ahead and do that…. *24 seed words later* … ok, done”

G: “Btw, just so you are aware I got the first 5,000 DCM Coin in TestNet in case you were wondering who won.
Da: “Oh yeah, well why don’t you send me some”

G: “I am not sure that functionality is ready in the wallet since I set this up via minting and transfer with the lead dev team. Let me try… send your wallet address of the Action Chain” “Here we go …. *Insert wallet address here*”

“Alright, here we go … I am pushing confirm….in 3, 2, 1 and go”

(Exactly ZERO moments of time pass)

Da: “I have it !!!!, Wow that was fast”

G: “Bullshit, can’t be, that was nearly before I clicked the button… YOU send me some back”

Da: “ok”

G: “But seriously I want to hear you click the mouse, so click hard”
Da: “Ok…. *Audible Click*”

G: “Holy Shit!!!!…. It is loaded and I didn’t even refresh”

Da: “Bullshit!!!! Send me some again”
G: “I am serious, it just loads up in the wallet, I didn’t click anything…. Wait… Here I go… I am clicking the button…. NOW”

Da: “Oh my God!!!! What! How! I am so pumped right now”

G: “I am amped up !!!!”
Da: “I have never seen something so fast” …

No, you hang up…. No, no, you hang up….

Milestone Reached!

Another, quite frankly, staggering fact about the DComm Blockchain and the successful launch of our internal TestNet this week is this ….

We have gone from absolutely nothing, and I mean a giant ball of air, surrounded in air, wrapped in more air to a Layer One Blockchain Protocol, with its own wallet, design, code, technology, team, infrastructure, support, partnerships, services, and brand in literal days!

Just let that sink in!

Some teams NEVER reach this goal, they just can’t do it, despite all the time and efforts they can muster, and we have so in less than no time at all.

Allow me to be exceptionally clear in summation, as I was today in the company meeting.

When a jet engine propelled aircraft reaches supersonic speeds, the boom, an audible resonant sound, erupts from a point past where the aircraft was. When DComm launches its MainNet, and we can showcase everything that is already built in, that are in some cases a world first in technology, well, our sonic boom will be heard around the world.

We may have been excited last week, but this week we are, quite simply, having an out-of-body experience at the sheer scale of epic this team has created.

For the record that team is 28 strong right now, and it is comprised of some of the leading brains in this space on the planet.

Strap in, fasten up, tighten the belt, hold on, grip hard, bite down and most importantly, smile, because this week DComm arrived.

Chapter 4 — It is Friday after all, so why not?

12th August 2022

Friday rolled around, and I must be honest, I pre-lubricated my brain with a tasty thirst quencher, and, well, I am in the mood to send out some magnificent teasers.

Do not fear though, they’ll be bang on reality and a touch of healthy speculation leading up to our big day is required.

Public TestNet Launch set for The Australian Crypto Convention.
We sat as a Team today and made a deadline for ourselves: September 17th, 2022, Gold Coast, Australia, Home of the man himself, Dave Haslop. (sure, this is not a tease, it is just fact)

“Now, the significance of a dinkum TestNet Launch need not be understated.”

It is the culmination of it all, the opening of the doors, letting the public in, living our creation, breathing our words and thoughts. It is the manifestation of the Team, the desire, the unwavering commitment, and levels of delivery that might never be able to be described aptly.

TestNet is the day we get judged, and we could not be more ready!

What are we going to be ready with from this date onwards?
Purely from generating excitement’s point of view I am not going to say what, but rather I’ll be stating what impact it will have. As we announce each of the below, you should easily enough be able to pin them back to this message.

  1. “Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!” On the 17th September, I’ll be making a big show of doing exactly this.
  2. Imagine, if you will, that prior to even having a coin to trade, there will those amongst us that already own a coin, all you’ll need to do is validate. From before the beginning of time itself, DComm Time that is, the timer will have started. Counting down to real value, real utility… The Real World — welcome. (Spoiler — this is all of you, and we already started preparation to make it so… Scratch that, we are at the boundary line of making it so)
  3. The sun will power us, and not even on the way you think… We are calling it “The Synthesis Protocol” and when the sun’s rays hit the leaves of our creation the power it generates will force blockchain perpetual motion.
  4. Anyone enjoy a good swim? Nice, so do we. Fortunately, we completely misused the term, and our pool will take you for a dip of another kind.
  5. The key to knowledge is education, and the key to education is knowledge… Quite handy then that we will be implementing solutions on both ends of this spectrum, which could be argued have never been done before.
  6. Someone in the world right now is a new Blockchain, not unlike our situation, where their team is pulling their hair out trying to come up with a way to play in the big leagues. Instead of trying to figure it out, we just made a league of our own, and as it turns out, major players in our world want to be part of it. Feel like a bit of Metaverse, DComm…. Feel like Minting, DComm…. How about a crypto bizarre, DComm… Got a Web3 solution, DComm… Tired of re-inventing the wheel to obtain analytics, DComm…
  7. The blockchain developers of tomorrow will be learning how to be the best on DComm.
  8. Feel like Earth has got a bit boring, and you want to see the stars? Well, DComm is helping someone get there.
  9. The entire way finance works is being rewired, through blockchain, and DComm has hitched a ride. DComm, through its partnership will be helping keep score.
  10. What do Forests, Wind Turbines, Solar Panel, Seaweed and Electric Buses have in common? … DComm.
  11. Then the very core of it all, the way it is pieced together, the essence of it, will be decentralised, carbon neutral, fractionally owned by its community, and powered by itself.
Whilst I compiled our documentation over the last few weeks it dawned upon me that this is not a dream, it is reality. Our reality is taking the above and knowing that this is but the tip of the top, of the peak of the iceberg.

Once we show the world how to DComm their assets, though our platforms and communities then this reality will be all of ours, not just the one that dawned on me.

Chapter 5 — Tick, tick … boom!

26th August 2022

After being shrouded in secrecy, partially hidden from the world, and working feverishly in the background, the DComm Team is set to unveil.

Firstly, the ethos of who we are, as people, was engrained around the concept of actions, not promises, activity and not hot air, outcomes instead of intentions. Thus, with this in mind we can officially stand by our work, our deeply passionate, unwavering, steadfast excellence to deliver something ground-breaking, meaningful, and evolutionary.

“DComm: The Blockchain for the Tokenisation of Real-World Assets, built on the latest, cutting edge, web3 inspired backbone of technology.”

DComm, however, represents community, who we recognize are the pillars of the real strength of any ideas we have sought to bring to life.

The Dcomm ambassador

In recognition of those DComm Community Members, across the board, who have demonstrated their robust commitment, we are proud to announce The DComm Ambassador Project.

Tell me more!
DComm will be appointing 30 Ambassadors and all of them will enjoy these benefits:

Receive ALL your DCM on TestNet
Stake and Validate on TestNet until Listing Launch. Whatever rewards you earn on TestNet will be allocated into your MainNet Wallet and available to you from Day 1. The initial capital balance will be subject to a vesting period. Please review the website or approved documents for this overview.

An Exclusive set of 30 NFT Collectables will be created, minted, and allocated to each Ambassador’s Wallet on MainNet Launch (or at NFT Launch). Thereafter exclusively able to be traded on the DComm Marketplace, partnered by Unicus, and to be deployed after listing.

An Exclusive Ambassador Tag on Social Media Platforms, as recognition of the status.

Through our Co-Founding Partnership with Zeeve, Validators will be hosted and maintained for the most cost-effective monthly validator server costs.

There is a minimum of 2000 DCM to start a Validator

Earn More — Here is how.
The role of the Ambassador is the set the tone for being an Approved, Authentic and Validated Validator. However, for each new Validator an Ambassador has approved an additional allocation of DCM will be added to the Ambassador TestNet Capital.

An Exclusive set of 150 NFT Collectables will be created, minted, and allocated to each Validator’s Wallet on MainNet Launch (or at NFT Launch).

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 — Applications Open

There is no greater joy than the sheer pleasure of an idea brought to life. What was once only a concept, a point of discussion is now a reality. This is a team that has been through adversity together, where we joined as a force of integrity, bound by our highest sense of truth, to set right an immense wrong.

We perhaps didn’t realise, but at the time of this interaction strong, unbreakable bonds were formed, and the resolute Men and Women of DComm were born.

DComm, is a community, of communities, and you are all part of this journey, this bond, this growth, and the future of the next generation of technology.

Chapter 6 — And … we are sold out!

2nd September 2022

Ambassadors are Sold Out! Well, over-subscribed. Ok, ok, more applicants than positions… fine then — we had a lot of emails submitted of interest but “Sold Out in under 48 Hours” just sounds so much better, so we will go with that.

The power of community on display in this case, as I sat back and pondered as to exactly how a large group of people jumped at the chance, purely on faith.

The conclusion I drew is that we, the DComm Team, have demonstrated a willingness to stay true to our path of community first. Or rather that our goals are your success, and our success is measured by the smiles on your faces. Embodied by the swift action of Ambassador applications over such an incredibly short space of time.

Today I thought I’d share a little about the key pillars on which DComm is built.

The DComm Blockchain 
At the heart of the concept is the Blockchain, which forms the technology epicentre the business revolves around. DComm is the latest, cutting edge, third generation blockchain. What this means is that all the key elements, of the future of this technology, have been considered.

As an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) we have kept our focus on interoperability and collaboration, and moved away from siloed, incompatible infrastructure. Implementing advanced Proof of Stake Consensus and structure we have kept our moral obligation to the planet and are incredibly energy efficient, with incredibly low power consumption. Engineering optimised nodes and validation networks, we have opened a vast pool of developers to adopt DComm, but most importantly scale at exceptionally high transaction volume. Further to this the Blockchain transaction finality time is significantly lower than first, and second generation networks. Thus, laying the foundation for mass adoption on a financial services level. Then finally, having spent years as experts in the field, our deployment mechanism inherently reduces congestion and allows us to manage gas fees in a nearly incomparable manner to second generation networks.

The Blockchain is built around effective management of fees, smart contracts, transactions, asset classes, authority decentralisation, consensus advancement and is perfectly setup to deliver on our promise: Tokenisation of Real-World Assets, built on Web3 principles, geared and engineered for NFTs, DeFi and Metaverse.

Technology and Crypto Co-Founders 
One of our Co-Founders is Dr Ravi Chamria, who owns and runs Zeeve Inc. Zeeve has a Dev-Ops platform for Blockchain, which has 10,000 users. Zeeve is one of the core pillars of our business and is the technical powerhouse behind DComm.

Another core pillar of our business and a Co-Founder is Dave Haslop, who owns the Australian Crypto Convention and the Crypto Den. He is intrinsically connected to the Crypto world and in Australia he stands tall. DComm will have a major presence at the Australian Crypto Convention in September 2022, as Silver Sponsor.

Tangible Assets
DComm has created an ecosystem not only in the digital realm but with physical, tangible Assets and Operating Businesses that support and expand the use of the DCM Coin.

DComm has acquired an existing Renewable Energy Business which has 3 sites for Solar Farms under development.

It has also entered into a Terms Sheet to acquire a Modular Data Centre business with existing data centres in several locations, powered by renewables and under a build, own and operate model.

The Community
We may have a technology backbone that is indestructible, a team that is unwavering, a plan that is progressive and a path forward that represents the evolution of this industry. We may have all these things, but if we didn’t have you, our community, the fearless faithful members of the DComm Community, well then, I’d argue we’d have nothing at all.

So today, I stand before you all, and take a bow, of gratitude to all of you, who have allowed us to build this for you. We are resolute because you are there, we are steadfast because we know you are, we don’t budge from out path because you don’t budge from yours, and we will never waiver because you have not!

To all the Ambassadors, Validators, Delegators, Wallet Holders, Holders, Partners, New Friends, Confidantes, Mentors, Colleagues and Great People of DComm — This is for you 

Welcome, the future started.

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO