Community, decentralisation, and organic growth

Community, decentralisation, and organic growth

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October 28, 2022

DComm: proper-noun, d·​comm | (ˌ)dē-,comm
a unified body of individuals, grouped together through a common goal, where; the powers and functions of the group are dispersed and distributed.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a DComm Ambassador?

Community: noun, often attributive, com·​mu·​ni·​ty | kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē
plural communities.

  1. A unified body of individuals: such as -a group linked by a common policy
  2. A joint ownership or participation

Decentralisation: noun, de·​cen·​tral·​i·​sa·​tion | (ˌ)dē-ˌsen-trə-lə-ˈsā-shən

The dispersion or distribution of functions and powers.

On the 27th October, 2022, the Decentralised Community of DComm reached an incredible milestone:

  • Before the existence of public value (by means of the listing of the coin) Prior to the normally followed route of exclusivity to high net-worth venture capital
  • In advance, even, of the network being moved into MainNet.
    Existing ahead of any of these is the genuine, sincere and living embodiment of who DComm is — a community.

On this day, DComm attained a fully decentralised TestNet, aptly named Melbourne (the place of its birth) and having contributors from across the globe.

Living according to one’s word is the ability and belief to stand by one’s actions, and remain true to the importance of what those words stand for.

We said we stood for community and community came first to join DComm.

We promised we would only talk about the actions that has already taken place and we built and entire TestNet to prove this.

We haven’t just spoken about the thought of infrastructure as blockchain support structure, we set it up, designed it, deployed it and are making it accessible to our community.

We did all these actions because when it comes time to being judged, we will be judged on the fact that we’ve already proved that DComm is the Blockchain of Action

As applications continue to flow in I urge all those close to us and those yet to be close, to consider joining this group.

Organic Growth

  • Five Partnerships
  • Five Start-Ups
  • Fifty One Validators
  • Thirty Two Ambassadors
  • Over Fifty New Investors
  • Over 2million DCM Staked

All driven by the exact reason we started this — community.

The sheer magnitude of how this organic growth has resulted in a decentralised TestNet cannot be overstated.

Ask yourself, when you are assessing your choice of technology partner to place you faith into; what do they stand for? More importantly what have they done to prove it and Ill hazard a guess very few can match up to DComm.

  • Early adopters are rewarded
  • New investors are incentivised beyond the capital
  • Partnerships are cared for and nurtured
  • Actions always come before words

As always, we are humbled by the weight of the enthusiasm, the volume of optimism and will continue to seek out every possible reason to want to speak our name at every single chance you get.

DComm belongs to you, and each waking moment is spent ensuring this is so.

Gareth Beesley
DComm Blockchain CEO