Ambassadors assemble!

Ambassadors assemble!

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September 30, 2022

From across the globe they came, driven by the combined greater purpose that only a collective can provide. Digitally navigating their way, some from more choppy waters than others, but all pioneers, each and every one.

The destination, quite unlike the norm, was not uncertain, or unknown, it was as though it was predestined, predetermined and draped, from head to toe, in destiny.

Arriving at the virtual DComm HQ, each new addition seemingly finding their home, away from home.
There is a buzz in the air …

A flutter of happiness surrounding each conversation…
Joy, encompassed by sincerity at the technology at their fingertips

Something rumbles in the distance, but unlike the past few months, not all that far away…

The sound of Ambassadors Assembling, dawn behind them, the bright light of day ahead, taking their positions, awaiting eagerly to bring others in to the fold.

The ink will dry, the doors will open, and the race already would have been won.

Just Not Normal

What is normal? Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

DComm is not normal, well not in the way that you might have come to expect this cryptographic world to be.

Normal has been the provision of words, lots and lots of words, where those words are written down, to create hype, and hype to lure investment. What is absolutely lacking in this scenario is action. Unfortunately, and we all have an example, is that those words hardly ever result in, well, a result.

The DComm Way — Action

Actions count, actions matter, they define who we are. The true measure of a person is how they act when they are either given power, or when all the power is taken away.

Staying true to this ethos, DComm took action, and didn’t even whisper a word about it, because when you can see, feel and touch the outcomes of actions, they shout for you.

DComm Timeline

  • 22nd June 2022 - DComm Created
  • 1st July - DComm Community Established
  • 15th August - DComm Internal TestNet Launched
  • 1st September - DComm Infrastructure acquires what is now DComm Energy
  • 1st September - DComm Infrastructure formally implements acquisition cycle of a Data Centre Business
  • 2nd September - Ambassador Program Sold Out
  • 17th September - Public TestNet Launch at the Australian Crypto
    • Convention
    • Silver Sponsors
    • Hosted an institutional speaking event on Real-World Asset Tokenisation
    • Carried out a Keynote on Untangling Web3
  • 23rd September - Melbourne TestNet Launch
  • 25th September - DComm confirms partnerships, to implement the DComm Blockchain into;
  • 30th September - DComm Infrastructure earmarks 10MW Solar Plant to add into the fold
  • 1st October - The Ambassador Program is finalized, and all Ambassadors have taken position
  • 3rd October - DComm documentation released
  • 5th October 2022 - The Validator Program Opens
  • 6th October 2022 - DComm will open all its online presence, from Web to Mobile, and across all social and marketing platforms, partnerships, and start-ups announcements.
Won’t be so bold to claim this action list has never been done before, but I would hazard an educated guess that none such achievements have been done without so much as a word of promise preceding them.

Without so much as even a squeak DComm arrived, and it is no surprise that many an attendee left The Australian Crypto Convention asking — Who is DComm?

The Team of 28 has now grown to 59, Ambassadors included.

October though, we turn up the volume, with our colleagues, partners, start-ups, Ambassadors, Validators and showcase all that DComm is.

Gareth Beesley,

DComm Blockchain CEO