Authenticated solar energy data directly from the source. So the world believes you.

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What we see

The Challenge

Ouro embarked on a mission to tackle the pressing challenges in the renewable energy sector, particularly the need for secure, real-time data collection and verification. Climate variability and the growing importance of renewable investments necessitated a robust solution to address these concerns.

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Bright minds

The Solution

Ouro found its answer in the DComm Blockchain, a technology stack that ensures the integrity and security of data. By exclusively choosing DComm Blockchain, Ouro has established itself as a pioneer in the industry, offering an end-to-end Energy Data Platform (EDP) and first if its kind Nano-Grid. This solution empowers businesses with unparalleled access to high-resolution solar and weather data, setting a new standard for accuracy and trustworthiness in the industry.

Current situation

The Market

Ouro operates in a dynamic market where the demand for reliable data and climate risk management is skyrocketing. As climate change impacts solar projects worldwide, Ouro's solution addresses the needs of investors, operators, and policymakers alike, unlocking new opportunities in the renewable energy landscape.

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Game on

The Competition

While competitors exist in the renewable energy sector, Ouro's exclusive adoption of DComm Blockchain sets it apart. The combination of cutting-edge technology, data accuracy, and a forward-thinking approach gives Ouro a distinct advantage in the market.


Our Approach

Ouro's approach is built on innovation, security, and trust. We've harnessed blockchain technology to create a secure and tamper-proof ecosystem for collecting, storing, and verifying critical solar and weather data. Our approach is customer-centric, ensuring that our clients receive the data and insights they need to thrive in an era of climate variability.

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Towards our goal


Ouro's roadmap is centred around the widespread deployment of the Nano-Grid, our solar weather station, across emerging and established markets. Over the coming years, we plan to identify and establish ten strategic sites that will serve as the foundation for our expansion.

Emerging Markets
In emerging markets, where the demand for reliable solar data is rapidly growing, we aim to introduce the Nano-Grid to untapped regions. Our goal is to empower local communities with access to real-time, secure solar and weather data, fostering the adoption of renewable energy solutions. By deploying the Nano-Grid in these areas, we aim to catalyse the development of sustainable energy infrastructure and drive economic growth.

Established Markets
In established markets, where renewable energy investments are already significant, we see an opportunity to enhance the precision and reliability of solar projects. By strategically placing Nano-Grids at key locations, we will offer investors and operators the advantage of precise data, ensuring better decision-making and improved performance.
Our roadmap is a testament to our commitment to expanding the reach of the Nano-Grid technology, revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape, and driving positive change in both emerging and established markets. With ten identified sites on the horizon, Ouro is poised to lead the way in the global transition to sustainable energy solutions.

How does it work?

The Benefits

Ouro's impact is measurable in the numbers. Our solution significantly reduces operational costs, enhances ROI, and ensures the accuracy of data used for decision-making. With a growing portfolio of success stories, Ouro is transforming the renewable energy landscape one data point at a time.

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Human capital

The Team

Behind Ouro's success is a talented and dedicated team of experts in renewable energy, blockchain technology, and data science. Our diverse team brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience to drive Ouro's mission forward, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

In summary, Ouro's exclusive adoption of the DComm Blockchain as its technology stack sets it on a trajectory to lead the renewable energy sector. With a focus on innovation, data accuracy, and customer value, Ouro is redefining the future of renewable investments and climate risk management.